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The Adventures Of Lo On The Go

The Adventures Of Lo on the Go is an odyssey traveling from one continent to another, teaching children life through travel. In this pilgrimage we set the stage for young travelers.

Meet the Author

Lolanda has trained and launched the careers of dozens of caregivers over the years that have utilized her techniques to create their own teaching styles.

Lolanda is also a certified herbalist and is now working to pursue her master herbalist license from the School Of Natural Healing.
Lolanda has been on a healing journey for over 25 years and loves to inspire children to seek out nature and create an atmosphere to invoke children’s curiosity through her book’s, exploring the many possibilities that ignite the fire to shape their hearts and minds.

Lolanda has published one of her 7 book series and the other 6 following right behind are full of explosive adventures.
Stay tuned for more!

Summary Of The Book

Lo goes to North America is a story of two best friends exploring the globe together. They are always eager and ready for new adventures through traveling to every continent either by plane or boat.

Their creative minds keep you ready to dive into interesting new places like Mt. Rushmore, Mexico, and Canada.

Herb the herbalist will be delighted as they discover the wonderful wildflowers, herbs, artifacts and traditions.

Lo and Herb get to witness the beautiful Monarch butterfly migration as well as discovering local foods and cultures. They have tons of fun doing just that, most importantly Lo and Herb would like to invite everyone to read and share their amazing adventures while in North America.

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